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californication is a series that debuted in showtime in the usa in 2007. the main character, hank moody, is a massive player, and it’s evident that whoever came up with this show really knows about women, game and pick up. nova, a good friend of mine, brought the series to my attention, and i have pleasantly enjoyed all 4 seasons so far (just found there will be a season 5 starting january 2012). there’s the indulging l.a. lifestyle, gorgeous women, some moderate nudity, but the main attraction is watching and learning from a massive player doing his thing. there’s a lot of  unnecessary drama and conflict, but that’s precisely what sells to the general public so there will never be a series without those attributes; anyway, californication doesn’t unravel into a fucked up soap opera the way nip/tuck did (which forced me to stop watching at the end of season 2).

hank moody is a writer, he has good and bad moments, financially he is sometimes on the up, mostly not doing so swell. for some time up to when the series takes place, he has had very insufficient work output, he is struggling with writer’s block and more so suffering from some really poor personal choices. he has a lady, who is his baby momma, but they’re not married, and every time they two fight and he is kicked to the curb he just can’t help himself and bangs super hot, lustful, lonely ladies that weren’t getting any. then he makes up with his woman, those episodes when he banged other ladies eventually resurface and more conflict ensues, followed by more banging scorching ladies. he is torn between making what’s necessary to have a happy family life and letting himself have those irresistible flings when he and his lady are not good. what we learn is his father was a womanizer himself, and he just followed in those steps, he’s every bit like his dad with whom he had a loving but complicated and resentful relationship, and he’s at times trying his hardest (really not that hard it seems) not to be.

the character’s gaming style is very laid back. moody’s game is centered on his looks (david duchovny does a credible job in that he believes the role he is playing , but i personally don’t consider him a super attractive mother fucker on the level the character would demand), and his experience. the character has some very powerful traits, that an aspiring player can look to emulate: he is always very calm and in control, he thinks fast on his feet and always has a very good reframing comeback when accusations or attacks are straightened against him (having a decent comeback and standing your ground like a man is a must), he has a powerful masculine presence and is very gracious under fire (the character never runs away from situations and faces the music with great firmness: there’s a scene where 4 women he banged organize a get together for tea, all knowing that he did all of them and intending to confront him and have him crumble, but he never flinches, takes it on the chin and thus prevails and the ladies love him even more for it). the character also has a great sense of humor, is not afraid to make fun of himself, loses no sleep over moronic choices that have his life unraveling around him (both that drama and his assuredness are very attractive to ladies) and knows how much to push with ladies and when to sit back and wait. as i mentioned, looks are important to the credibility of the story; moody has a fine sense of style, dresses very simply and predictably and takes no unnecessary risks, but he’s never under dressed and has a careless elegance he does his most to showcase. duchovny is probably in his 40’s, but he takes care of himself, his nutrition and he works out, in that going against the character. but the character’s biggest asset is his experience, he knows the ins and outs of women and relationships, has aced every possible situation and that gives him massive confidence which goes to great lengths attracting women; he’s never shaken, never defeated. he is absolutely confident in his sexuality and expressing it and in looking to satisfy it, and enormously comfortable with feminine sexuality as well, which is pretty different. also, he has a lot of mileage in bed, and that confidence in his sexual performance is again huge, women sense that bravado and lust for it. almost every pick up in the series is very credible and realistic (except for one time he is fresh out of jail and gets a lovely actress by running away and playing the fool), so, any aspiring player can shoot for such great heights if they get their stuff together and develop such a personality. women will chase and take the initiative if the masculinity is there, the assuredness and experience must be there also, as happens in this series; and, if you deliver in bed, they’ll be propitiating things to get more.


the character is self taught in the matters of ladies and love, as all respectable players should be, there’s no routines, theories or anything such anywhere (actually the show subtly mocks pua’s in a sequence between moody and the actress). if you still need convincing, check out the beginning of season 1 episode 5, moody’s pick up there is a thing of beauty, and the lady is also a thing of scorching hotness. definitely a series that’s worth it watching it, over other programs and hobbies that won’t help grow your game. and also a huge advertisement of the heights players can aspire to, if they gather the balls, and work hard on growing their masculinity and personality. as tony horton would say, once you find desirable goals, bring it and make them happen.


massive game, no sweating it

– make sure to check all of our posts on the player lifestyle, game and the ladies in the welcome and index. –


well, from reading the comments on this guy’s video, it turns out he’s an international male top model. he could just have any other occupation, and if he behaved in real life like he does for this commercial, his results would be pretty similar.

disregard the brand and the commercial’s message, just pay attention to the guy’s body language, massive confidence and movement; the man knows how to get women to melt. i’ve never read the words in the ad, but do use the video to get into an optimal state and mindset when i go out; and when in field and experiencing doubt, also use thinking of it as a trigger to jump into the fray.

there are no dialogues, the guy does next to nothing, but his sexual presence, his confidence and demeanor have him in every lady’s favor. this is the style i love to play with and most often go with, i much rather swing for the fences once there is interest and invitations from girls to approach than try to go from zero to a hundred. just ask female friends of yours for their opinion on the video, not the guy’s looks or his game; ask for opinions on the video and you’ll be getting compliments on the model every single time, jaja.

is your game any similar? why not? wouldn’t you like similar results? all this guy’s pose and conduct is learned, nobody is born like that or acts that way at 5 years old. he learned this stuff, you could learn it too. watch and study what do you currently project with your body language, how powerful and confident is your sexual presence. topics like masculinity, body language, game and others will be covered in posterior posts.