body transformations; build yourself a body that gets you in the game, not out of it

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men that seek pick up artist materials are having no success with ladies, but more importantly, most of those guys are having no success anywhere else either. success fuels belief and action and it is necessary to keep believing and moving, so it is very hard to try to get really good at anything if the individual trying to has had no previous instances of success and similar levels of accomplishment as they try to obtain. effective people are so because they have methods and habits that work, and they tend to be accomplished in many different areas. frustrated people, conversely, have poor methods and habits across the board.

a lot of the men that have a fondness for pua materials and are members of pua communities are in this situation, where they are not being particularly successful anywhere. generally they have limited experience with women, a lot are young folks, most have had only a few outstanding accomplishments in life and haven’t achieved independent financial standing, for most their professional and personal trajectory is limited also. confidence also tends to be in short supply, because of all these reasons and more. and crucially, almost everyone in that position has a massive room for improvement in how they look. your appearance is key, it tells volumes before a word has been spoken, and based on looks people will tend to put you in a category from which it’s almost impossible to escape only with just what you say. it’s also true that some ladies won’t even give you a chance to prove yourself if they don’t like your looks, image is huge for a lot of women.

grooming and fashion are huge, they speak of your self-esteem, your self-image (the concept you have of yourself), your confidence, your social smarts, your purchasing power, your tastes, a lot of stuff really. there is a huge industry devoted to fashion, from magazines, to image coaches, check that stuff out and develop a style that helps you get results. if you are already going to be wearing clothes, and they can be so determinant, better put the time and effort into creating an image that helps, not hinders you. grooming, on the other hand, encompasses from your haircut and hairdo, the products you apply to your mane or lack thereof, how you care for your beard and face, your general hygiene, nails, clothing (proper fit and cleanness) and so on. there’s also help available for this matter, find what the experts say and pay attention to it. there’s also the touchy matter of a particular man’s attractiveness or beauty, and contrary to what a lot of pua gurus try to argue for the sake of selling, it does matter a lot when attracting women. but, in the end, with whatever you got, make the best out of it. anyway, noticeable deformations, malformations, those things will involuntarily grab people’s attention and take away from your first impression and what you are trying to communicate. if that’s your case, start and keep working on all areas of yourself and as soon as you have a chance, get rid of your situation through surgery, prosthetics or anything necessary.

then there is the matter of this post. another massive aspect is how your looks reflect your habits and choices through life. a guy as ripped as michael phelps, or as tony horton, does not communicate the same thing with their corporal image as a weak, unhealthy, scrawny or overweight dude. women are attracted to well built, muscular, athletic guys, for a lot of reasons, not only strength and power but also because a sculpted body speaks of discipline, wherewithal and success. everyone’s physique is the same in essence, there’s muscle, bone, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and they will respond and strengthen when treated right. as has been said, a lot of factors put you closer to or farther from success, from achievement in other areas of life, to your professional standing, your current experience with women, what do you communicate and transmit when interacting with ladies, how developed your masculinity is, how comfortable you are with your sexuality, your identity, your wants and needs, how good you are at selling what you have to offer; and a huge further list. the one area where any man who wants to improve with women and have choice and pleasure in his life can work on is their body image. ironically, it can be one of the areas where you have the fastest and most observable improvement, it’s ideal because your progress depends only on yourself and your discipline, never on others, and exercising is to be pursued not only because it helps you look more attractive, but crucially because it will help develop your masculinity and other positive traits and give you proof of how effective methods and habits make all the difference.

the more you work out and push yourself, the more attractive you’ll be, the more confident you’ll feel, but there’s also a myriad of other benefits to gain. you’ll build strength and endurance, both physical and mental, you’ll be in much better health, have greater stamina for all kind of activities, you’ll also have more energy to take on new tasks and objectives. you’ll be more sexually attractive for the ladies, and you sexual performance will also be boosted which will generate a virtuous cycle over time. and building yourself a killer body will constitute a success referral of its own for you, giving you belief and confidence to translate to your task of a building a player lifestyle.

so get moving, get in action, people in the videos below show that anyone can build themselves a killer body, it takes know-how (learning from experts), hard, effective work, discipline and enjoyment (more on this on posterior posts). a lot of those people were already in their 30’s when they started out their transformations, had full time jobs, marriages, families and other stuff going on. a single guy, with no other commitments should definitely be able to pull this out. start eating right, learn about nutrition, pay attention to what your body tells you. let your hunger for success and love be reflected in the drive with the which you pursue a body transformation and a bigger life transformation. practice sports, and especially martial arts, you’ll learn of and live teamwork, discipline, commitment, and you’ll be testing and proving yourself. if you take a martial art that involves combat, you’ll be stepping into the fray alone and relying entirely on your resources, a beautiful analogy of what it takes to sweep a lady off her feet. exercising and taking part in sports and martial arts will help you build a more attractive body which will communicate all the right things, it will also help you grow your masculinity and develop an identity as an athlete and warrior. so, bring it, come on and bring it.


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