jeremy wade

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jeremy wade is an english biologist and zoologist. he is a self taught expert in freshwater extreme fishing, and came to prominence through an animal planet show he hosts: -river monsters-.

wade is a fine illustration of many desirable traits for a player. it’s hard to tell just from the available information whether he also has any game or not, but he could easily get very good if he put his mind into it. some of the attractive traits jeremy wade has are his expertise, he goes into uncommon situations, some of which involve danger, and he’s always got previous experience he can rely on. he’s polished, the hours of dedication and hard work show through. he’s knowledgeable, for an outdoor activity like extreme angling, a lot of different knowledge comes handy, from travel possibilities, weather, local living conditions and fluency in foreign languages, safety precautions and preparations, nutrition and foods to avoid, first aids, basic medicine and so on.

wade, from the mastery of his trade and his environment, is an assured and very masculine man. you can see the decisive and calm body movement. river monsters is the most popular show ever in animal planet, and this is in big part, because wade can cause normal people to be interested in these river fish and angling, but in big part also because wade makes many women piqued and interested in the show, his exploits and himself. these are all desirable traits for an aspiring player to have, be an expert, knowledgeable, develop your masculinity.

there are other traits that wade exhibits in his show and work that resonate with women on a very primitive way. humankind is not far removed from living in tribes in the wild fighting tooth and nail for survival. we lived tens of thousands of years in those conditions, and biologically still operate in that level (more on this and on master desmond morris on posterior posts), so civilization is always trying to fight and supplant those impulses. but civilization is still losing that war, women will respond overwhelmingly to these primitive, animalistic traits. wade masters the wild and imposes his will on the environment, that’s huge, we got to where we are at because our ancestors fought and won every battle against nature. this extreme angler would have the issue of bringing home the bacon readily handled, and that, being a provider is also huge. wade is a man who could protect and foster his people, that’s another trait that attracts women massively. he’s also a leader of his crew, and of the locals he runs into, directing and keeping everyone safe; with such leadership also being an enormous turn on for ladies.

and his temperament. also pay attention to the emotional states. can you picture jeremy wade breaking down helplessly? can you imagine him crying and bitching, complaining he is a victim of the circumstances? absolutely not, and if you built for yourself such a proud, cultivated character, chances are you wouldn’t either. there’s a lot of freely available material in the internet, both in youtube and in animal planet’s website, check out jeremy wade as a fine exponent of masculinity and mastery and grow those traits into yourself.

footage from his show animal planets website:

excerpts from his show on youyube:


6 thoughts on “jeremy wade

  1. bob says:

    I enjoy, result in I discovered exactly what I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  2. Christy says:

    I hae met him. It is like being in the presence of Yoda. Incredibly calm, polite and very engaging. Exactly what you would expect.

  3. Jill says:

    Sexiest man alive no one comes close

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