massive game, no sweating it

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well, from reading the comments on this guy’s video, it turns out he’s an international male top model. he could just have any other occupation, and if he behaved in real life like he does for this commercial, his results would be pretty similar.

disregard the brand and the commercial’s message, just pay attention to the guy’s body language, massive confidence and movement; the man knows how to get women to melt. i’ve never read the words in the ad, but do use the video to get into an optimal state and mindset when i go out; and when in field and experiencing doubt, also use thinking of it as a trigger to jump into the fray.

there are no dialogues, the guy does next to nothing, but his sexual presence, his confidence and demeanor have him in every lady’s favor. this is the style i love to play with and most often go with, i much rather swing for the fences once there is interest and invitations from girls to approach than try to go from zero to a hundred. just ask female friends of yours for their opinion on the video, not the guy’s looks or his game; ask for opinions on the video and you’ll be getting compliments on the model every single time, jaja.

is your game any similar? why not? wouldn’t you like similar results? all this guy’s pose and conduct is learned, nobody is born like that or acts that way at 5 years old. he learned this stuff, you could learn it too. watch and study what do you currently project with your body language, how powerful and confident is your sexual presence. topics like masculinity, body language, game and others will be covered in posterior posts.