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some posts are long, and there’s a lot of material to check out, either directly here or finding it on your own. there is a lot of work to be done, and a lot of strength to be drawn. this blog is intended to show to you how masculinity, sexual presence and success with the ladies look like, so that you incorporate all them into who you are. it works a lot like real life: the drive, steel and perseverance are up to you to bring them and grow them, this is not a place for feel good and cheer me up stuff.

it is a process, becoming a man that gets the ladies. and it doesn’t happen overnight, for the important matters of life there are no quick, cheap fixes. and it is yourself that will take you as far as you really want to.

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spartacus: blood and sand

mad mike, mike penman on approaching lions, and women

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body transformations; build yourself a body that gets you in the game, not out of it

how does success look like? keys to the vip


how does success look like? keys to the vip

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keys to the vip (a professional league for players) is a reality-television, comedy game show that aired on the comedy network and fuse tv from 2006 to 2008. it is fine tv, and regarding the totality of materials out there concerned with the player lifestyle, game and pick up it is the best in my opinion, and it is absolutely among the top 3. it is real, it is daring, it features both knowledgeable judges and some amazing contestants, it has humor and smart remarks, the mood is always lighthearted and the show is agile and enjoyable. this series had 3 seasons, with 12 or 13 episodes each. each episode pitted two self- proclaimed players trying to put themselves in the ladies’ favor and trying to get phone numbers from unsuspecting women in real life night clubs (all interactions being recorded with hidden cameras and microphones). ok, each episode presents three rounds, but really nine rounds or more were recorded over 4 or 5 hours for each single episode, then, the footage underwent massive editing and preparation in order to fit into a 22 minute long format, and more crucially, to create the impression of competition and suspense. each round commanded both contestants in turn to go try to pick up some girl, and normally it implied some handicap. if the contestant got the number or did well, he was awarded a point, if he failed, he got nothing; points were then added to determine the winner, but, as was said previously, the editing was structured to try and make the third round always decisive. so, contestants were in a separate room from the rest of the people in the bar, got their challenge, went out and executed, returned and so on for nine rounds or more. all this structure, the time limits and the number of mandatory rounds reportedly incredibly benefited most of the contestants’ game and results.

there were four judges in the show: chris, peachez, alen and sheldon. alen is the producer and creator of the show, the rest of the guys fell in place gradually. it could seem as if these were long time friends who went out together a lot and picked up women, but that’s not necessarily the case. alen got the show off and running, sheldon and peachez actually did use to go out together and it was them who started out with the idea of a game of handicapped pick up dares around the which the show revolves, chris was assisting with behind cameras work and was put in front of the cameras to balance out the panel and tone aggression a tad down. when i initially watched the show, i would side with and agree more with the colored gentlemen, but the guys with better game and who would get results are chris and especially alen, as you have more game and nous you can tell.

from left to right, chris, peachez, alen, sheldon.

now, the contestants, in almost every episode, at least one of the participants has outrageous game. the show and the participants have a lot of very desirable traits for players to have, a can do attitude, the show is daring, fun, captivating and there is some perfect pick up execution on display. there are a handful contestants you will soon forget because they suck, but at least they had the balls to be there, and if we watch the show it is for the champs and to learn from the best.

ladies out there, if any of you looks like this lady in pink, let me know. you are what i’m looking for, i am what you are looking for also.

i’ll comment briefly on the most notable and impressive contestants. tops is nick dundee hands down, the guy’s game is out of the charts. he is backpacking through north america and is already staying in toronto with some ladies he met in a bar, they take care of his dry cleaning and deliver it to him in time for him to get to the show, and they cheer him on to win the competition. nick destroys the three challenges he is presented, but even more impressive; before the rounds begin he has two of the show’s models eating from the palm of his hand and they want him then and still want him in the vip (i’m in love with the gorgeous model with jet black hair, green eyes, and black shorts with a pink top). priceless, the man is a killer. he is australian, so he has the exotic element in canada, he is tall, of good looks and build, but as has been mentioned and described in previous posts, he has the requisite masculinity down pat, and he has the element of wildness. a man that could rule the wild like in the times of cavemen; in australia the natural environment has not been modified as heavily as in the usa or europe. eddie vedder of pearl jam said in a live bootleg in australia i used to have – you guys in this island (the australian audience) have got your shit together, you still kill your own food -. not literally, of course, but people down under are in closer contact and better harmony with nature and the wild. as we observed with jeremy wade, that competency attracts women massively. nick is confident, moves around in no hurry, speaks in a loud voice, displays great non verbal communication and is unflappable. as i watched the best episodes again, some finer details kept emerging (as your own game gets better, you notice and understand deeper levels of interaction in the pick ups, and get a keener eye for detail), nick does face some token resistance and symbolic testing in some rounds and just keeps moving on dominant and unreactive. in the final round, some ladies approach him like women always do, facing the other way and bumping into or hitting the guy. once more, he is unmoved and finding he has a nice pitch in the strike zone proceeds to blast it out of the ballpark. watch and learn, young grasshoppers, model yourselves and your games after prime examples like nick dundee.

there are other equally notable players. i love kyle the diesel’s game as well. he’s got the looks, the physique, the steady demeanor, he’s fun, he’s charming and also has the masculinity and sexual threat at the ready. he has a game based on firsthand experience, on pushing his limitations, on continuing to grow, on overcoming weaknesses, in sum: the only kind of game there is. there is josh the matador, he’s also outstanding, he projects all the right traits and never faces even the slightest resistance, brilliant. there’s anthony the boy wonder, who in his episode is too good for his own good, jaja, he has women chasing after him because he decides to go for a more attractive target. there’s claymax, a guy whose looks and physique actually overcome some weaknesses and stupidity in his game, something i’ve never seen anywhere else. there are a lot of other great players: bruno, andrew, justin, mark sparks, hot body jason. there’s eyal the egyptian prince, that guy could not be any smoother and experienced. there’s even a guy with massive retro game, christian the keeper; his game is old school, about romance, about compliments, about niceness, and he is fucking brilliant. there’s derek cajun, an instructor for love systems and he actually goes with a structured and scripted approach just to demonstrate that what he teaches works (in interviews he says his actual gaming style is way past structured stuff or canned material, and he has also filmed some instructional  videos we’ll recommend in posterior posts).

these guys are mostly self taught players, as it should be. you can witness every kind of gaming style in action, there are contestants that play nice, or charming, fun, upbeat, direct, some go with canned crap, dominant, silent, loud, scripted, spontaneous, everything. what the successful guys have in common is confidence. and as has been discussed in other posts, masculinity and nice. game is just that, everybody generates a response in the rest of the people, guys with game just generate in women a response that is conducive to enjoyment, trust, compliance, sex and emotions. in some interviews out there, the judges on the show actually tell that the structure focused and helped many of the contestants.

now, those are all attractive guys, and the weak minded men without game could mistakenly think attractive men have it easy (it is never easy, rather a little more straightforward). but still, there are many contestants that prove beyond all doubt that game, the response you generate, is not solely dependent on looks. you can build yourself and your game. mark the karaoke kid is huge, the guy doesn’t have the looks, not by far, but he is great. he is super confident, smooth and articulate, masculine, dominant, determined and realistic enough. he adjusts and goes for ladies not that stunning, but the game and the results are there. he’s an example for  those that don’t dare yet. donnie danger is great also, great attire, great grooming and beautiful game. illya the ill kid is huge also, kudos to the man. mike the magician, well, he gets the numbers and is ok all around, but i don’t see him bedding the ladies because he never brings the sexual threat; he’s also an example though. little / big john, man, this guy is pure heart, pure drive, pure overachieving, my hat’s off to him and everyone who is as inspiring. blake the chef is really good also, making the most of what he’s got, as should we all. and then, cobra commander phil, that guy is special. that’s the no game game. ladies are startled, they don’t know where are they left standing, don’t know what to make of things. he goes in, goes for the girl, is meekly rejected, turns the tables on the lady, isn’t going for her, isn’t being rejected, points out the lady is being rude and mean, ladies apologize, he has them, he once more turns the screw, he doesn’t accept the apology, ladies never been there before, he points out their helplessness and turns the screw once or twice more just for effect. amazing. and his confidence is pure, his game is pure, he doesn’t depend on possessions, earnings, his job, his clothes, his genetics, his grooming. the guy is pure and free of all constraints. a true artist. and the judges acknowledge his prowess and reward him as should be, truly inspiring and deserved. it takes one to know one.

there’s not many shows like this one. there is a nice interview with three of the judges in mark sparks’ – men’s room -. there are a couple other interviews out there, with cajun and others. but the show in itself, and especially the contestants’ game is where the learning lies. i love this show. i think it’s the most straightforward way to watch self taught players in action and learn from them. this is a show that i can say changed my life and was among the materials i’ve checked out that most helped me improve my game. i love it, even the victory song when in the vip, i play it to get in the mood to go out and hit it (red carpet – alright domain pettigrew remix). so, check out this show, enjoy it, study it, and hit the clubs to reenact it. set your goals, build your game, get out and get in the game. make things happen.

body transformations; build yourself a body that gets you in the game, not out of it

– make sure to check all of our posts on the player lifestyle, game and the ladies in the welcome and index. –

men that seek pick up artist materials are having no success with ladies, but more importantly, most of those guys are having no success anywhere else either. success fuels belief and action and it is necessary to keep believing and moving, so it is very hard to try to get really good at anything if the individual trying to has had no previous instances of success and similar levels of accomplishment as they try to obtain. effective people are so because they have methods and habits that work, and they tend to be accomplished in many different areas. frustrated people, conversely, have poor methods and habits across the board.

a lot of the men that have a fondness for pua materials and are members of pua communities are in this situation, where they are not being particularly successful anywhere. generally they have limited experience with women, a lot are young folks, most have had only a few outstanding accomplishments in life and haven’t achieved independent financial standing, for most their professional and personal trajectory is limited also. confidence also tends to be in short supply, because of all these reasons and more. and crucially, almost everyone in that position has a massive room for improvement in how they look. your appearance is key, it tells volumes before a word has been spoken, and based on looks people will tend to put you in a category from which it’s almost impossible to escape only with just what you say. it’s also true that some ladies won’t even give you a chance to prove yourself if they don’t like your looks, image is huge for a lot of women.

grooming and fashion are huge, they speak of your self-esteem, your self-image (the concept you have of yourself), your confidence, your social smarts, your purchasing power, your tastes, a lot of stuff really. there is a huge industry devoted to fashion, from magazines, to image coaches, check that stuff out and develop a style that helps you get results. if you are already going to be wearing clothes, and they can be so determinant, better put the time and effort into creating an image that helps, not hinders you. grooming, on the other hand, encompasses from your haircut and hairdo, the products you apply to your mane or lack thereof, how you care for your beard and face, your general hygiene, nails, clothing (proper fit and cleanness) and so on. there’s also help available for this matter, find what the experts say and pay attention to it. there’s also the touchy matter of a particular man’s attractiveness or beauty, and contrary to what a lot of pua gurus try to argue for the sake of selling, it does matter a lot when attracting women. but, in the end, with whatever you got, make the best out of it. anyway, noticeable deformations, malformations, those things will involuntarily grab people’s attention and take away from your first impression and what you are trying to communicate. if that’s your case, start and keep working on all areas of yourself and as soon as you have a chance, get rid of your situation through surgery, prosthetics or anything necessary.

then there is the matter of this post. another massive aspect is how your looks reflect your habits and choices through life. a guy as ripped as michael phelps, or as tony horton, does not communicate the same thing with their corporal image as a weak, unhealthy, scrawny or overweight dude. women are attracted to well built, muscular, athletic guys, for a lot of reasons, not only strength and power but also because a sculpted body speaks of discipline, wherewithal and success. everyone’s physique is the same in essence, there’s muscle, bone, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and they will respond and strengthen when treated right. as has been said, a lot of factors put you closer to or farther from success, from achievement in other areas of life, to your professional standing, your current experience with women, what do you communicate and transmit when interacting with ladies, how developed your masculinity is, how comfortable you are with your sexuality, your identity, your wants and needs, how good you are at selling what you have to offer; and a huge further list. the one area where any man who wants to improve with women and have choice and pleasure in his life can work on is their body image. ironically, it can be one of the areas where you have the fastest and most observable improvement, it’s ideal because your progress depends only on yourself and your discipline, never on others, and exercising is to be pursued not only because it helps you look more attractive, but crucially because it will help develop your masculinity and other positive traits and give you proof of how effective methods and habits make all the difference.

the more you work out and push yourself, the more attractive you’ll be, the more confident you’ll feel, but there’s also a myriad of other benefits to gain. you’ll build strength and endurance, both physical and mental, you’ll be in much better health, have greater stamina for all kind of activities, you’ll also have more energy to take on new tasks and objectives. you’ll be more sexually attractive for the ladies, and you sexual performance will also be boosted which will generate a virtuous cycle over time. and building yourself a killer body will constitute a success referral of its own for you, giving you belief and confidence to translate to your task of a building a player lifestyle.

so get moving, get in action, people in the videos below show that anyone can build themselves a killer body, it takes know-how (learning from experts), hard, effective work, discipline and enjoyment (more on this on posterior posts). a lot of those people were already in their 30’s when they started out their transformations, had full time jobs, marriages, families and other stuff going on. a single guy, with no other commitments should definitely be able to pull this out. start eating right, learn about nutrition, pay attention to what your body tells you. let your hunger for success and love be reflected in the drive with the which you pursue a body transformation and a bigger life transformation. practice sports, and especially martial arts, you’ll learn of and live teamwork, discipline, commitment, and you’ll be testing and proving yourself. if you take a martial art that involves combat, you’ll be stepping into the fray alone and relying entirely on your resources, a beautiful analogy of what it takes to sweep a lady off her feet. exercising and taking part in sports and martial arts will help you build a more attractive body which will communicate all the right things, it will also help you grow your masculinity and develop an identity as an athlete and warrior. so, bring it, come on and bring it.

jeremy wade

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jeremy wade is an english biologist and zoologist. he is a self taught expert in freshwater extreme fishing, and came to prominence through an animal planet show he hosts: -river monsters-.

wade is a fine illustration of many desirable traits for a player. it’s hard to tell just from the available information whether he also has any game or not, but he could easily get very good if he put his mind into it. some of the attractive traits jeremy wade has are his expertise, he goes into uncommon situations, some of which involve danger, and he’s always got previous experience he can rely on. he’s polished, the hours of dedication and hard work show through. he’s knowledgeable, for an outdoor activity like extreme angling, a lot of different knowledge comes handy, from travel possibilities, weather, local living conditions and fluency in foreign languages, safety precautions and preparations, nutrition and foods to avoid, first aids, basic medicine and so on.

wade, from the mastery of his trade and his environment, is an assured and very masculine man. you can see the decisive and calm body movement. river monsters is the most popular show ever in animal planet, and this is in big part, because wade can cause normal people to be interested in these river fish and angling, but in big part also because wade makes many women piqued and interested in the show, his exploits and himself. these are all desirable traits for an aspiring player to have, be an expert, knowledgeable, develop your masculinity.

there are other traits that wade exhibits in his show and work that resonate with women on a very primitive way. humankind is not far removed from living in tribes in the wild fighting tooth and nail for survival. we lived tens of thousands of years in those conditions, and biologically still operate in that level (more on this and on master desmond morris on posterior posts), so civilization is always trying to fight and supplant those impulses. but civilization is still losing that war, women will respond overwhelmingly to these primitive, animalistic traits. wade masters the wild and imposes his will on the environment, that’s huge, we got to where we are at because our ancestors fought and won every battle against nature. this extreme angler would have the issue of bringing home the bacon readily handled, and that, being a provider is also huge. wade is a man who could protect and foster his people, that’s another trait that attracts women massively. he’s also a leader of his crew, and of the locals he runs into, directing and keeping everyone safe; with such leadership also being an enormous turn on for ladies.

and his temperament. also pay attention to the emotional states. can you picture jeremy wade breaking down helplessly? can you imagine him crying and bitching, complaining he is a victim of the circumstances? absolutely not, and if you built for yourself such a proud, cultivated character, chances are you wouldn’t either. there’s a lot of freely available material in the internet, both in youtube and in animal planet’s website, check out jeremy wade as a fine exponent of masculinity and mastery and grow those traits into yourself.

footage from his show animal planets website:


excerpts from his show on youyube:

mad mike, mike penman on approaching lions, and women

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this is a video that derek cajun recommended in his – beyond words – videos. it is great, cajun is making the point that body language is huge, it’s way greater than verbal communication. and with mike penman you have some proof. mike penman is a safari guide and wildlife expert in africa, he is very polished in some aspects like survival and raw power and dominance. if any lady went into his world of jumping around in the wild, they would all be swept off their feet and align with this very alpha individual. he is the king of the jungle, quite literally, what lady wouldn’t give in to such traits in time? now, this guy goes out in the bush and challenges two lionesses face to face. those are killing machines, they pack more power in an arm than mike in his whole body, one single swipe they connected in mike’s body and he would be severely injured and possibly dead, this is no fooling around. so, how does mad mike avert the imminent danger? he is at ease and projecting calm, control and confidence, the felines don’t ever feel threatened nor do they perceive a weakness that calls for an attack. penman’s performance is a peak of a dominant and assertive body language display.

and as cajun says in – beyond words -, “you, guys, are scared of approaching women; this guy is approaching lions”. jaja, so right.

body language is huge, polish yours to approach and reach this great heights. check out love system’s – beyond words – videos, cajun’s posts and most of all, get out there interacting with women, give yourself the chance to screw things up, and to succeed. it’s an organic growth process, get out there, give yourself a chance to learn, follow trial and error, build the lifestyle of your dreams. many people out there believe they can’t become great with women, no one would believe lions can be approached and kept in check using only your body language. the proof is here, anything can be done, go make things happen.

spartacus: blood and sand

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spartacus: blood and sand is a series that premiered in starz in the usa in january 2010. it is historical fiction in that the characters did exist back in the day but the story has been augmented to have a very typical novel plot and greater dramatic substance. drama and conflict are things that sell massively, so once more, expect series, movies, books and all such to contain hearty amounts of them but don’t expect life to be like that at all. anyway, spartacus, the historical figure, was a pretty cool motherfucker, and along with hannibal of carthage is in his deeds a major role model and inspiration for men and players the world over: do some research on them to find out how big those dudes’ balls were and just what the limits to human endeavor are. then, follow such leads.

that's a shinken to you, people.

this series came to my attention because shinken, a great friend of mine recommended i checked it out. shinken is a self taught player, one of those erroneously called “naturals” instead of self taught. he had his relation with the fair gender mastered before he ran into any pua materials. attractive is who you are and what your life is, and you’ll get the ladies if you and your life are deserving; pua materials are only superficial stuff, so go for changes at the root. i have learned a great deal from shinken, and that’s the path i do recommend to become good at anything; figure out what kind of lifestyle you want, then befriend and surround yourself with people who are already there and build the lifestyle for yourself. shinken is a martial artist, he treats his body like a temple, as should everyone, and i’ll take a moment to describe his playing style in brief.

shinken has a low energy style, he doesn’t go out to be jumping around, he doesn’t fool around, and he does no warm-up sets or anything of the sort. he only talks to the ladies he’s attracted to, and then swings for the fences in what he communicates and projects. so, unless the ladies make themselves available by either standing right next to us, or by sending the typical signals (giving you the looks, arranging their hair, facing you and so on [a smile and hello work just fine then, you’re doing great in that case]) he invariably goes with some funny comment of a situation going on around us. he doesn’t push excessively or become touchy on first meeting a lady, he generates a solid connection, has her at ease and interested, gets her number and is happy to part. shinken’s phone game is amazing, he excels at getting ladies to agree to go dine or have a coffee with him, and then it is that he has purposeful moves galore and leads towards sex. one of the things that are amazing about shinken is that he is really good at selling sex and passion, he does no romance, tells no tales to the ladies to get in their panties, doesn’t treat them as girlfriends if that’s not what he’s into or try to buy his way to sex with gifts. he’s just good and confident in offering a pleasant fling, and more often than not, ladies will willfully go along. most women out there have never met a confident player on such level and when they do, they’ll make the most out of the opportunity.

you want to hit on beautiful women, and when they are being hit on, women will always size a man up, it’s instinctive and they’ll always do it. and when sizing a man up, they will have two questions in mind. – does this guy have balls? does this guy have spine? – and – does this guy know what he’s doing? -. pretty much that’s it, no nothing about your car, your income, your family or having model looks being indispensable; nothing about your future plans, your opinion on marriage and how many kids you have thought of having. when you’re good enough, ladies ironically won’t even wonder if you have a girlfriend or a lot of success with other ladies, they’ll just follow their feelings. you’ll always be even better off if you can get a woman to just go along and actually never consciously ask herself those two questions i mentioned. how do you do that? women will see if you have balls from the things you do, mostly your non verbal communication, and they’ll also check if they feel masculinity in your vibe. if you exude this quality, women won’t test you at all, that would be redundant and women are way above that. another key is the matter of feelings, if you make women feel good around you, are nice to them, have them laughing and having a good time, her testing mechanisms and bitch shields won’t ever trigger. be hyper masculine, know what you’re doing, give the ladies a good time and you’ll be just fine.

as said earlier, part of my friend shinken’s game comes from looks. he’s an ok guy in that department, who might be even in great favor in places like skandinavia being of olive skin, but most of all he is a karate master and has a lifetime of discipline and effort behind him. women see and sense a cultivated, sculpted body and read confident movement and posture from a mile away, and both are magnetic pulls there. also, shinken’s body language is great, his shoulders are slightly thrown back and his chest is up when talking to ladies, and his chin is also at times tilted up. nothing extravagant or outrageous, just subtle, effective demonstrations of confidence and masculinity (also huge is the fact that those keys are not being acted, they are an actual identity in this case). adding that up to an easy going conversation and a good sense of humor is a top notch combination. shinken also has the confidence that comes from experience, both in relationships of all forms with women and in bed, and the ladies have been looking for such traits in men forever, so they’ll be ready when you bring them.

getting back to the series at hand, the keyword we’re looking for here is masculinity, that’s also the keyword in some conversations shinken and i had on game and women. there are two quotes i got from shinken, and they have made a huge difference for my game and results because other than that i still do pretty much the same i always had. one came from comments he got and relayed to me from two girlfriends of his that met me at different points in time, it was the typical -yeah, j’s alright (that’s me), he sure seems a nice person-. that’s no good, you can be a perfect gentleman as most men have been throughout history, but there’s got to be an underneath sense of threat there. not to her, but it has to be clear you are not be messed around with. some other time i told shinken i got tired of phone game and chasing after girls that played hard to get or were indecisive and i would just give up, and thus came the second quote (which i’ll do my best to translate from our native español) – you can’t step into the boxing ring and keep your fists down -. that one pretty much means that we play to win, and to win, you got to be ready and willing for the fight, symbolic fight that is. women are drama, feelings, emotional roller -coasting, tantrums, mood changes, testing, challenges, and it never, ever stops; actually it increases as you go getting more desirable women. you better be ready and have your guard on at all times if you really want to get the ladies (women are mostly a lot of incredibly lovely stuff, but you gotta take the nice with the rest and better stand prepared). shinken thus advised me to check spartacus out, and the keys to look for were the evolution of the character and his growth as a man.

so we do get back to discussing the series. the character has not much game to talk of, and clearly his mind is focused into much more pressing matters, such as survival (as it should be given the circumstances). and game is not what we watch this series for, it’s all about masculinity and growth. the character lived a provincial life, he was pretty much nicely set up, doing fine and was relevant in his small community. he was also an accomplished warrior, and a well rounded man in pretty much every way up to then; he also had a gorgeous lady whose love is a major motivation for him throughout the series. then he gets a raw deal from powerful people he crosses paths with, and that past life is gone forever. he faces continual hardship, escapes death by the skin of his teeth numerous times and is given a miserable second chance because of circumstances and because he had flashed immense heart and potential as a gladiator. the character falls to rock bottom (i won’t give details away to not spoil the suspense of actually watching the series), works his way up, earns rewards and consideration, has tragedy strike again on him, but all along he keeps growing, learning, making do, making the most of, expanding his mind and spirit. he becomes the best at his trade and keeps himself motivated either through love or through the pursuit of higher ideals. the character and all the other gladiators are always doing, always pushing, always in action, in pursuit of something; that’s a key component of a masculine identity to you, people.

and that’s our cue. ask yourself this kind of questions as you watch the series: is the character ever defeated? does he break down and stay there? is he reactive, or does he try to make his own luck? does he tend to melodrama? does he consider himself a helpless victim of circumstances? or does he set clear objectives? does he ever lose focus in such objectives? does he persevere no matter what? what experiences and attitudes make the gladiators so masculine? they go initially into the ludus in different stages of development, and they all expand and reach greater levels of accomplishment. and the actors, there are no weaklings there, those are all sculpted and cultivated bodies. take that signal to go work on your physique also. if you fell into similar circumstances, where would you get to? people you know, how would they fare if faced with similar challenges?

so check the series out, keep out an eye for those traits discussed above in order to work on them and develop your masculinity. also check out how other characters in the series, in this case crixus, grows as well, and how he courts and conquers beautiful naevia. the girl was scared and inexperienced in love and felt threatened by the circumstances, but crixus was a top notch option for her, so it was a matter of steady does it and giving her time to give in, which she sure does. crixus was inexperienced as well, but, even as it seemed he was going to be rejected he keeps himself together, acts like a man all the time and this certitude helps naevia make up her mind. also, in the prequel gods of the arena, gannicus is quite a player, what is it that sets him apart from the other gladiators? they all have the masculinity, but gannicus also makes flirting, courtship and sex pleasurable and breezy for the ladies. it’s the same again, masculinity and nice.

women size men up, men are more active, take the initiative more. there are reasons  to all that, here i’ll just briefly mention it’s an animal thing, it’s something very primitive. there’s a feminine and a masculine role, in life and in love. when a woman is sizing a man up it’s her body and instinct choosing for her, there are feelings and emotions quite out of her conscious control, it’s an evolutionary thing. the selection of a partner, mating, reproducing are matters of life and death, so those choices are out of the conscious persona. so masculinity has to be there for her to respond, power she will respond to, success, leadership, assuredness, dominance she will respond to also. if you want the ladies, you have to bring those traits, and how do they look like? where can you get models from? check out spartacus: blood and sand on the matter of masculinity.